Chicago Cubs News: tipping our cap to Willson Contreras

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Willson Contreras, Christopher Morel
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Chicago Cubs News: tipping our cap to Willson Contreras

After the men that came before him had been shipped out and did not sign back with the Cubs, all focus shifted to Contreras. He was the next in line for a contract entering the last year of his deal. It was reported talks of an extension had been happening, but nothing came of them. Through the narrative and all the public comments, his message never waivered - he wanted to be a Cub for life.

The 2022 season started as many suspected - not great. The Cubs roster was a puzzle with the pieces in the wrong place. It was guaranteed fans and Contreras were going to hear about the rumors of a trade almost every day until one occurred. Everyone knew distractions would be everywhere, but that did not stop Willy from being an all-star and, above all, a leader.

As a leader, his relationship with rookie Christopher Morel was a viral sensation. Morel leached onto Contreras from the minute he got the call to join the Cubs - and why not? Contreras had the opportunity to be what Ross was to him for someone else, and he did it just as well, if not better. Contreras and Morel were almost always seen with each other in the dugout and in the clubhouse. Their chemistry and bond were like that of a big and little brother. It was the exact reason Contreras was the unspoken captain of the team. It was most noticeable with those two, but he was that for everyone.

It was beautiful to see. But knowing what was inevitably coming, it almost hurt to watch.