Chicago Cubs News: Seiya Suzuki on track for return sooner than thought

Chicago Cubs v Cincinnati Reds
Chicago Cubs v Cincinnati Reds / Dylan Buell/GettyImages

Great news on the Chicago Cubs front last night, as Cubs slugger Seiya Suzuki looks ahead of schedule regarding his oblique injury, according to a new piece at the Athletic by Sahadev Sharma. Getting Suzuki back ahead of schedule is a massive boost to a team that lacked potential star power in the lineup. A direct quote, as outlined in the article above, goes as follows:

"With that progression, optimism has grown regarding Suzuki’s return. While it was once thought that a good outcome would be late April, a source suggested that the middle of April is pretty realistic. The most optimistic scenario would be returning after a backdated IL stint to start the season."

Sahadev Sharma via The Athletic

Sharma goes on to note that if Suzuki is ready around the 6-week mark since his injury, putting him in line for a return for the series against the Texas Rangers in Chicago, it may be wiser to wait until the Cubs head out west for a 6-game road trip, to avoid cold weather upon return and any potential setbacks it could cause.

Nevertheless, Suzuki's return is likely less than three weeks away. We already knew he was beginning light baseball activities, so to see further progress allows for some real optimism here. The Cubs will undoubtedly be cautious and patient, hoping to make this a one-time deal if they play their cards right before Suzuki's back in action. Thankfully, the season has yet to start, and there is no need to rush him back as opposed to it being September, with the team eyeing a playoff push.

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The Cubs' playoff chances are slim, but having a healthy Suzuki back is a significant enough boost to keep that glimmer of hope shining. Should he break out this season and turn into an All-Star caliber player, as many believe he can, then his presence in a lineup consisting of Dansby Swanson and Ian Happ could put up substantial numbers. Don't rush it, but hurry back, Seiya.