Chicago Cubs News: Grading the team's offseason additions

Chicago Cubs Introduce Dansby Swanson
Chicago Cubs Introduce Dansby Swanson / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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Cody Bellinger: A

With the Cubs in need of a center fielder and a left-handed power bat, I can think of a few free agents from this past offseason who fit the Cubs' needs better than Cody Bellinger. His one-year contract puts him and the Cubs in a mutually beneficial position. The Cubs need a defensive wizard to act as a stopgap until Pete-Crow Armstrong gets to the majors, and Bellinger needs a career renaissance at the plate to secure himself a long-term deal next offseason. It’s a match made in baseball heaven that could pay dividends for both parties with Bellinger primed for a bounce-back season at the plate.