Chicago Cubs need to pounce if Jesus Luzardo is now available

With teams checking in on the status of Jesus Luzardo, the Chicago Cubs need to be ready to offer a package to land his services.

Houston Astros v Miami Marlins
Houston Astros v Miami Marlins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

Earlier in the offseason, it was reported that the Miami Marlins were at least "listening" in on calls regarding Jesus Luzardo and Edward Cabrera. Now, with teams such as the Yankees checking back in with Miami on a potential trade, the Chicago Cubs must be doing their due diligence and ready to offer the best package via trade if Miami decides to move on.

The Marlins are now without Sandy Alcantara next season due to Tommy John surgery, so it makes sense to keep what they have if they wish to compete in 2024. On the flip side, now is the perfect time to move a piece like Luzardo if the Marlins believe they need more to make another successful run this season. That's where the Cubs can swoop in, as they have plenty of resources in their farm to entice teams into a trade such as this.

Luzardo still has three years of team control, but it's hard to imagine him exceeding the asking place the White Sox have for Dylan Cease. Luzardo's last two seasons have seen him record a 3.58 and 3.32 ERA, respectively. With such numbers, Luzardo slots into the middle of the Cubs' starting rotation, adding more depth but, more importantly, production.

A return package headlined by Ben Brown and someone from the major league roster, such as Christopher Morel, is an excellent place to start. We know Cade Horton is not getting traded. We also know the Cubs have several guys on the fringe of the Top 100, which is why it's feasible that the Cubs could have the best farm system in baseball by the end of 2024. If anybody has the depth to pull off a move like this without hurting itself too severely, it's the Cubs.

Given the report that the Cubs could be looking to add Cody Bellinger and either Rhys Hoskins or Matt Chapman, if it's the former, they certainly will have a tough time finding everyday playing time for Morel. We're expecting a whirlwind of moves from the Cubs front office soon, and if what's been reported is true, there's a realistic path to trading for a pitcher like Luzardo if the Marlins decide to pull the trigger.

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