Chicago Cubs heading into unique schedule stretch beginning Friday

Chicago Cubs v Cincinnati Reds
Chicago Cubs v Cincinnati Reds / Dylan Buell/GettyImages
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At Oakland Athletics, April 17-19

Goodness, it's a shame to be playing in California for one week, and half of that week is spent at the RingCentral Coliseum. Crumbling before our eyes, the "coliseum" (more of an eyesore) was infamously known for the salacious act which transpired high above the playing field last August than the franchise which has played at the humble abode for more than five decades. Anyway, the Cubs pay a visit to the "Milk Bowl" for the first time since 2016. Cubs swept Oakland during that historic season. On the contrary, it's an unequivocally different Chicago team. Nonetheless, early season wins still count in the standings. Expect a mundane series.

Los Angeles Dodgers, April 20-23

Returning home, the Cubs cross paths with the Dodgers once again. This time, the Cubbies will engage with Los Angeles for a four-game series. Despite the heartache and exceptional shift of power in the N.L., historic matchups in baseball always bring the best out of the sport. Cubs and Dodgers, early spring at Wrigley is comforting. There is something to be said about a trio of afternoon contests on the Northside. Depending on the preceding series, the Cubs could be in a multitude of situations. Perhaps Chicago is riding a 10-game winning streak into that Thursday evening first pitch against Los Angeles. However, a champagne taste on a beer budget doesn't always go over well. Undoubtedly, sit back, relax, and hope this series is a preview of a potential Wild Card matchup.