Chicago Cubs fans are sharing this feeling about the team in 2024

I probably wouldn't be excited if I were in St. Louis either...

Michael Reaves/GettyImages

Recently, I wrote about the fact that I have faith in the Chicago Cubs’ plan at first base. Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve found data that makes the case that Miguel Amaya and Christopher Morel both have the ability to become future stars for the Cubs.

That being said, it’s literally our job to write about the team and get hyped about the potential for success. 

It’s different when the fanbase as a whole, mirrors that sentiment and that was proven to be the case in a recent survey taken of baseball fans that found that Cubs fans are more excited for 2024 than any other fanbase in the NL Central. 

Personally, I think this survey would have yielded very different results prior to the signing of Cody Bellinger, but the excitement is palpable with this team right now. 

This team has added arguably the best manager in baseball, they showed the fanbase that they do hear the criticism by signing Cody Bellinger, and they focused on a win-now approach by trading away a future asset in the form of LHP Jackson Ferris for a right-now asset in 1B Michael Busch, and they finally signed a bullpen arm that isn’t a reclamation project. 

The team on paper will enter the season as potentially the best defensive team in the National League and they’ll also be carrying the best farm system in the National League which could result in mid-season promotions or trade deadline acquisitions. 

In the words of Steve Goodman: 

They got the power, they got the speed
To be the best in the National League *Central*

Even with fans showing their preseason excitement about this team there is plenty of room left on this hype train, and hopefully it won’t be slowing down until we get through November.

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