Chicago Cubs awarded "Most Disappointing Offseason" by insiders

The Chicago Cubs' disappointing offseason: lack of moves and frustration among fans and experts alike.

Jamie Squire/GettyImages

We’ve written plenty this offseason about how the Cubs desperately need to sign Cody Bellinger. We’ve written about how the Cubs being good enough, can’t continue to be good enough. We’ve talked about various relievers that the Cubs could bring in and we’ve also discussed how seemingly every major free agent simply doesn’t make sense for Chicago’s spending policy despite being the third-largest market in the United States.

People can take all of that with a grain of salt though. We are fans writing for a Cubs Blog associated with a company literally called Fansided. What do we know? 

That being said, when Fox Sports talks, people tend to listen and they’ve let their opinions on this offseason for the Northside be known by ranking the Chicago Cubs with the number one most disappointing offseason in Major League Baseball.

To add insult to injury, the St. Louis Cardinals were on their list of most impressive offseason, but the most important thing here is that it is no longer just fans who are frustrated at the lack of moves made by this front office.

The quote that sums it up is “The Cubs made the surprise move of November, luring Brewers manager Craig Counsell to Chicago on a five-year deal. Since then? Crickets for Ricketts.”

I’m a fan of a good pun, but I hate being the butt of a joke. This team has good prospects. They have good young talent under team control on the major league roster. They have one of the best managers in the game. 

The only thing standing between them and long-term success is the willingness to spend money, and if Jed Hoyer continues to wait to spend it “intelligently,” he may be doing it from a different office in 2025.

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