Chicago Cubs: 5 mind-blowing accomplishments from the 2023 season

Cincinnati Reds v Chicago Cubs
Cincinnati Reds v Chicago Cubs / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages
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3. Mike Tauchman's home run robbery

After the All-Star break, the Cubs had Cody Bellinger back in full swing, the bullpen somewhat figured out and the summer of Mike Tauchman was starting to take shape. With the trade deadline looming, everyone was predicting the team to sell off short-term assets like Bellinger and try again next year.

That is until the team went on a torrid stretch where they won six series in a row to completely turn the season around and solidify themselves as buyers. The crown jewel during this stretch was a tight ballgame against the rival St. Louis Cardinals, where the Cubs were leading by a precarious 3-2 score going into the ninth inning.

Adbert Alzolay had recently been named as the team's closer and he found himself with the tying run on third with two outs and two strikes. Cardinals outfielder Alec Burleson charged one deep to center field that looked by measures to be a walk-off home run. However, Tauchman jumped up and took a home run away to win the game for the Cubs in dramatic fashion.

This catch not only convinced everyone in Cubs fandom that this team was for real, but it also effectively shattered the Cardinals' hopes of competing in 2023. They wound up selling at the deadline and finishing in last place for the first time in over 100 years.