4 realistic trade proposals to give the Cubs their ace

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Trade Scenario #3: Cubs finally land Tyler Glasnow from Tampa

Ahead of the 40-man deadline earlier this month, we talked about the possibility of the Cubs prying Tyler Glasnow away from Tampa Bay. Instead, the Cubs wound up landing infield prospect Miles Mastrobuoni, but we know the front office has had their eyes on Glasnow for some time now. Why the Rays wouldn't be willing to trade him based on their small market resources, coupled with the fact that Glasnow's trade value is as high as it's going to get right now is a question I'd love to get answered.

Selling off Glasnow keeps the influx of both team-friendly contracts and prospects rolling in for Tampa, which is something they depend on heavily considering they have one of the lowest payrolls in baseball. For the Cubs, as stated before, they free up a potential log jam in their farm and keep things moving like a well-oiled machine. Based on the contract structure for Glasnow, he is owed just $5 million for 2023 and a whopping $25 million for 2024. Safe to say, the Rays could be shooting themselves in the foot, because he won't be worth anywhere near as much next offseason. Now is clearly the time to strike.

Looking at a potential return of Caleb Kilian, Owen Caissie and Nick Madrigal could make sense for the Rays. Caissie is the #10 prospect in the Cubs farm. Kilian is a tune-up away for major league status and Madrigal has shown plus bat-to-ball skills throughout his career. The Rays recently lost Kevin Keirmaier but could slide Brandon Lowe to the outfield and insert Madrigal at second. If the Rays ask for a little more, the Cubs need to be willing to pull the trigger. At the very least, they need to twist Tampa's arm and try to get it done.