Building the best Chicago Cubs starting rotation by WAR

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5. Fergie Jenkins 52.9 WAR with the Cubs

Although Fergie Jenkins and Greg Maddux pitched the same amount of years in Chicago (10), Jenkins' numbers are more impressive partially due to the ability of pitchers to last longer in games during his era (60's and 70's). This can be proven just by the ridiculous volume of innings Jenkins pitched, which totaled 2673.2 with the Cubs alone (4500 in his career). That number ranks 3rd in the franchise all-time and he half of his career on other teams. Several of his seasons also saw Jenkins eclipse the 300-inning mark, and his highest total with the Cubs was 325 innings in 1971. Jenkins also won his only NL Cy Young award that year, surprisingly the only one he captured in his career. Even though Jenkins split his career between Chicago and several other teams, his numbers speak for themselves and he is the best pitcher to put on the blue pinstripes.

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