Another National report connects Cubs to a Pete Alonso trade

Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets - Game Two
Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets - Game Two / Adam Hunger/GettyImages

With more and more speculation drawing near regarding MLB free agency, and in this case, the trade deadline, the Chicago Cubs find themselves among another national headliner. This time, the Athletic reconnects (Subscription Required) Pete Alonso to the Cubs. This isn’t breaking news, but it is more proof that the Cubs are swimming in deeper waters this winter. 

The team has been connected to both teams already as well, but as these rumors persist, it proves that there really is smoke, and it goes back to the old saying that where there is smoke, there is fire. Making matters interesting this time, however, is Pete Alonso’s recent hire of Scott Boras and the Boras Corp. as his new agency after failing to get an extension done with the Mets. All signs pointed to that meaning Alonso made his decision that he will be testing free agency a year from now, and teams like the Cubs may want to steer clear if they believe they will be able to get any trade and extending done with Alonso. So why still persistent rumors?

The answer is two-fold. One, it won’t cost as much to trade for the All-Star slugger now, given that it is believed he won’t extend, and two, the Cubs want to win ballgames. Given that the writing is on the wall in New York, it is simply a “Cubs would still rather have Pete Alonso than not have him” scenario, as his 86 HRs and 249 RBIs over the past two season squarely cements him as the best offensive player on the team immediately. 

Furthermore, it is also believed the Cubs will be in on Cody Bellinger, it won’t surprise anyone if it takes him a couple of months before inking his name to a new deal. The Cubs have expressed that they don’t want to wait around and miss out on guys this winter, so getting aggressive early in the trade market will be the most efficient way to land a player of their choosing. 

Trading for three-time All-Star Pete Alonso doesn’t have to be something that depletes the farm just because of the offensive prowess he brings with him to Chicago. The slugger is on a contract year, and the Cubs are overloaded with talent to make a trade such as this happen. 

Alonso’s estimated final year of Arbitration is believed to be upwards of 20.0M, and with the Cubs recently being surprised by Marcus Stroman opting out, that allows even more salary to be allocated to moves such as these. It will be just as important to keep your eye on the trade market as it will be free agency this year, as my belief is the Cubs will make a big splash in both markets before taking the field in 2024 for what has always been the targeted year to make a playoff push.

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