Analytics prove what fans already knew: the Chicago Cubs are fun to watch

Not only are the Cubs fun to watch, but their rivals aren't and that is almost even better.

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It's all in the little details for these final two Cubs categories

Minutia - 5

Minutia was essentially everything else that a fan would want to expect from a fun baseball watching experience, such as their ballpark, uniforms etc. In this category the Cubs were specifically called out with Schoenfield stating “it’s more pleasing to watch a game from Wrigley than, say, Tropicana Field.”

Bonuses - 3

The bonuses were the best part though. The Cubs received a one point bonus for “Dansby Swanson and Nico Hoerner turning two,” another one point bonus for the classic victory anthem “Go Cubs Go,” and a half point each for Justin Steele’s slider and stealing Craig Counsell from the Brewers. 

Having a defense as good as the one the Cubs have is a blessing and a joy to watch. What Swanson and Hoerner can do in the middle of the diamond is an art form and I couldn’t agree more on the bonus point awarded there. 

“Go Cubs Go” may be the most important song in American history. As a teacher in 2016, I began every school day by playing that song on days after the Cubs had won and by the end of the season my students either loved to sing it or hated me for continuing to play it. I live in Texas.

Regardless of how you feel about the criteria used for the article, one thing every Cubs fan can agree on is that this team is going to be fun to watch this season... hopefully until early November.