Analytics prove what fans already knew: the Chicago Cubs are fun to watch

Not only are the Cubs fun to watch, but their rivals aren't and that is almost even better.

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The Chicago Cubs opened the season with two losses but since then have ripped off three wins in a row, and as everyone that’s watched them can see: they’re going to be very fun team this season. That thought is not unique to those in the North Side of Chicago though as a recent ESPN article ranked all 30 MLB teams based on their watchability and the Cubs finished sixth in those rankings. 

The list awarded points to teams based on six categories as well as the opportunity to earn bonus points for various things, ranging from 1-10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 the highest.

The Top Five

  1. The Los Angeles Dodgers, who just spent over a billion dollars in guaranteed money on free agents this offseason.
  2. The Baltimore Orioles, who have the top farm system in baseball and are coming off an AL East crown last season.
  3. The Atlanta Braves, who had one of the most dominant offenses (and the most dominant offensive player) in recent memory and look even stronger heading into 2024.
  4. The Arizona Diamondbacks, the team that edged the Cubs out last September for the final Wild Card spot and wound up winning the National League pennant.
  5. The Texas Rangers, the Diamondbacks' opponent in the Fall Classic, who brought home the first championship in franchise history.

Of the Cubs’ National League Central rivals, only the Pittsburgh Pirates cracked the top 10 coming in at tenth place on the list. The St. Louis Cardinals couldn’t make the top 20 as they came in 21st and the cross-own rival White Sox nearly came in dead last at 29th.