An early 26-man roster prediction ahead of Cubs spring training

Reviewing the list of NRIs and the 40-man roster to predict who will be on the Chicago Cubs' 26-man roster on Opening Day.

Chicago Cubs v Milwaukee Brewers
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Early roster prediction - 2. The infield

1. Nico Hoerner 2B
2. Dansby Swanson SS
3. Christopher Morel 3B
4. Michael Busch 1B
5. J.D. Martinez DH

Bench IF: Nick Madrigal, Patrick Wisdom

This is where it gets fun. After the Blue Jays bowed out of free agency after signing Eduardo Escobar, it paved the way for a team like the Cubs to cash in on what's left out there. More news that Christopher Morel is going to the third baseman opens up the DH again for the Cubs. As luck has it, those left in free agency are perfect fits for the Cubs.

Adding J.D. Martinez to round out this lineup gives the Cubs one of the best in the National League and can't be overlooked. Michael Busch and Christopher Morel slide into the 7 and 8 spots, making the Cubs' offense ridiculously deep and fun to watch. They slide that far into the lineup because Martinez is not the only addition to the offense I'm predicting before Opening Day.