Alexander Canario could be the Cubs player that benefits the most from 3B plan

With Christopher Morel shifting his focus to third base, Chicago Cubs prospect Alexander Canario may have an opportunity to shine as the designated hitter.

Pittsburgh Pirates v Chicago Cubs
Pittsburgh Pirates v Chicago Cubs / Matt Dirksen/GettyImages

It has taken very little time for new Chicago Cubs manager Craig Counsell to establish the fact he views the Cubs' roster much differently than former manager David Ross may have.

Counsell revealed to reporters on Saturday that the Cubs are moving forward with the plan of having Christopher Morel focus on playing third base. Counsell, throughout the off-season, has emphasized the importance of Morel finding a position to play and it would seem that third base may be the landing spot at the beginning of the season.

Counsell's decision certainly will have an impact on third base and Morel but there is another player that could benefit the most.

That player is Alexander Canario.

Canario was the first September call-up that the Cubs made last season but rather than turn to the hot-hitting prospects during a time when the team's offense was sputtering, Ross remained stubborn in his in-game managing and was adamant that the outfield prospect was nothing more than a last-resort option.

With the Cubs' offense in a slump during the final month of the season, it was an indictment on Ross to not give an opportunity to Canario. In a very small sample size, Canario did prove that he is capable of changing the game with one swing as he compiled a 145 wRC+ in 17 plate appearances with a .353 ISO.

With Morel moving to third base, that leaves the designated hitter's spot open in the Cubs' lineup. That could be the path for Canario in his quest to get regular playing time at the Major League level. While there is no doubt that the Cubs should pursue a veteran option such as J.D. Martinez, Canario shouldn't be overlooked either.

Canario's bat deserves an opportunity for consistent playing time at the Major League level and there is no doubt that Counsell, unlike his predecessor with the Cubs, won't shy away from that possibility in 2024.

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