A scathing review offered on this important player on Chicago Cubs roster

The Cubs' top prospect continues to be met with skepticism as an offensive player.
San Francisco Giants v Chicago Cubs
San Francisco Giants v Chicago Cubs / Jamie Sabau/GettyImages

While Chicago Cubs center fielder Pete Crow-Armstrong has the speed and defensive ability to prove a difference maker for the Cubs on the base paths and defensively, the question that has always surrounded his projection at the Major League level was his offensive ability.

With Mike Tauchman sidelined for the next month, Crow-Armstrong will give an extended runway in center field as Craig Counsell continues to play with matchups. The early results of Crow-Armstrong's offense have been discouraging.

Entering play on Sunday, Crow-Armstrong is slashing .212/.259/.298 with a wRC+ of 59. Despite his poor offensive showing, Crow-Armstrong is still carrying a positive fWAR on the season, 0.5, with that largely being attributed to his 5 outs recorded above average in center field.

Concern, however, is beginning to creep in regarding Crow-Armstrong's offensive impact moving forward. At least, MLB scouts have told Bob Nightengale of USA Today.

MLB scouts have insisted all season that Chicago Cubs prospect Pete Crow-Armstrong may not be the impact bat that’s been hyped, and so far they’ve been proven correct. He’s hitting .200 with a .570 OPS.

-Bob Nightengale, USA Today

Let's get the neccessary caveat out of the way in saying that Crow-Armstrong is only 22 yeards old and has yet to be given an opportunity at the Major League level as an every day player. Meaning, the offensive profile that we are seeing from Crow-Armstrong this season is far from his finished product.

Beyond that, as Crow-Armstrong ascended through the Cubs' system, the young center fielder often would struggle offensive, first, at each level before turning the corner.

There is no real reason for concern yet regarding Crow-Armstrong as it would be unfair to make any declarations given his playing time. Having said that, it's fair to wonder if Owen Caissie has passed Crow-Armstrong in terms of the outfield prospect that the Cubs are depending on the most. Caissie has the potential to be the impact power bat that the Cubs have been without for multiple seasons and could have a greater impact on the next contention window of the Cubs than Crow-Armstrong.