7 prospects the Chicago Cubs should target in a trade at the deadline

The Chicago Cubs should be done trying to get organizational depth pieces in trades and instead focus on acquiring potential stars, like the ones we discuss below.
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Jasson Dominguez OF New York Yankees

This is the best player on the list. Don’t worry about the numbers, don’t worry about the fact that he’s in AA right now, don’t worry about anything. Jason Dominguez is known in some circles as “The Martian” due to his other-worldly tools and while those tools haven’t exploded quite yet, he is on the precipice.

He’s a five-tool centerfielder that has legitimate 30/30 potential and can not only provide power but also speed in a Cubs lineup as soon as the 2024 season even if he opens the season in AAA Iowa. 

I won’t hide from the numbers. This season he’s hitting .217/.358/.372 at AA. That’s not good. In fact, that’s bad. He’s still stealing an insane number of bases with 25 already and he’s hitting for some power with 11 homers, but there’s a lot to be desired here. Last season across three levels he hit .273/.376/.461 with 37 stolen bases and 16 home runs. Luis Robert is a player that struggled in the minors until one day he didn’t. If the Cubs could steal that level of production for a rental that would be massive. 

This deal would not be for a guy that could instantly join the Cubs at the major league level and make a difference. It would be for a guy that is a little bit more of a project, but it would be for a guy that has legitimate star potential. 

Trading for him could push Suzuki to DH and allow him to focus solely on getting the ball off of the ground with the bat and give the Cubs three gold-glove caliber defenders in the outfield with Happ and Dominguez in the corners and Pete Crow-Armstrong in center. 

Much like every other player on this list, the Yankees do not want to deal Dominguez. In fact, they may slap an untouchable tag on him. But if they want to see Stroman or Bellinger change into a different shade of pinstripes they may have to pony up and send the Martian to the North Side.