7 prospects the Chicago Cubs should target in a trade at the deadline

The Chicago Cubs should be done trying to get organizational depth pieces in trades and instead focus on acquiring potential stars, like the ones we discuss below.
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If the Chicago Cubs continue to fall out of the race by dropping games to the Washington Nationals, one of the youngest (and worst) teams in the league, then it’s time to look at the prospects that may grab their attention.

We’ve written a couple of these pieces this year. We had one back in May when the Cubs looked like they’d definitely be sellers, we had another in June when they looked like they may turn it around and be buyers, and finally, we had one earlier this month when they looked like they might be sellers again.

The difference between this article and those articles is twofold:

  1. We won’t be excluding division rivals from this piece. The Cincinnati Reds are an incredible team that could use a little bit of veteran leadership and therefore their players appear on this list not once, but twice.
  2. Rather than focusing on a prospect package or even a specific trade of a Cubs player (or package) for an opposing package, this article will do a deep dive on seven particular prospects that the Cubs should target if they have the ability to get. 

As I’ve said in every trade article so far this year, the 2023 Chicago Cubs team doesn’t feel far away from being a contender and therefore every single one of these prospects will at least have the possibility of making their debut in the 2024 season. With that being said, let’s dive into the first prospect the Cubs should target if they become sellers in the next couple of weeks.