7 Cubs position player prospects that represent the future at Spring Training

What the Chicago Cubs have built in the minor leagues is nothing short of amazing, and this Spring fans should be able to start to see the fruits of that labor begin to bloom on the field.

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Alexander Canario

Canario is the Cubs’ 12th best prospect but he is one of the few on this list with a track to making the Opening Day roster, potentially even a better shot at it than Pete Crow-Armstrong. David Ross may have been the biggest thing to slow Canario down in 2023, and I include the devastating injury he was recovering from on that list.

That being said, he was dominant in the minors when he returned and in his brief stint at the Major League level, he hit .294 with a homer (in just 17 at-bats). The Cubs are more likely to start PCA in Iowa if they can’t get him everyday at-bats but Canario could be carried as a bench bat and replacement in the corners when Suzuki or Happ need a day off, or even as the DH if the Morel/third base experiment proves fruitful.