7 Cubs position player prospects that represent the future at Spring Training

What the Chicago Cubs have built in the minor leagues is nothing short of amazing, and this Spring fans should be able to start to see the fruits of that labor begin to bloom on the field.

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Owen Caissie

Caissie comes into the year as our number six prospect and it’s well-earned. He dominated AA Tennessee last year to the tune of .289/.399/.519 with 55 extra-base hits. Right now, he’s hitting more for doubles power rather than homers but that can be extremely valuable as well from our potential DH of the future.

It’s nice to see Caissie get the training camp invite and it will be interesting to see him and his long, flowing, bright-red hair can deposit a couple of baseballs in the stands this spring. He’ll almost assuredly begin the year at AAA but if he hits like he did last season he’ll be hard to keep down if the Cubs don’t make a move for more power before the season starts.