6 of the worst Chicago Cubs MLB Trade Deadline deals in the last 15 years

St Louis Cardinals  v Chicago Cubs
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3. The Kosuke Fukudome trade

With just a few months left on his deal, Kosuke Fukudome was traded to Cleveland in 2011 for a pair of minor league players named Abner Abreu and Carlton Smith. If you don't recognize those names, that's because both men did not play at Wrigley Field or any major league ballpark for that matter. This near-nothing return was disappointing for a guy who was a starting outfielder in Chicago for over three years.

Fukudome never really panned out in Cleveland though or with the White Sox afterward. The best years of Fukudome's career were in Japan, with several 20-plus home run seasons. Even though he never reached those heights with the Cubs, he was still a part of a couple of winning teams. in the late 2000s.