6 genius decisions by Chicago Cubs GM Jed Hoyer since 2021

Chicago Cubs Introduce Dansby Swanson
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6 genius decisions by Jed Hoyer - Not paying Javier Baez, trading for PCA

Javier Baez was another trade candidate at the '21 deadline that, although he was not producing anymore, still stung the hearts of the Wrigleyville faithful worldwide. Before the deadline, Baez reportedly sought a contract north of 200M from the Cubs while slashing a robust .248/.292/.484. After Baez' move to the Big Apple, he slashed .299/.371/.515 with the Mets, temporarily making it appear that the Cubs didn't wait long enough.

Since Baez signed his contract with the Detroit Tigers, things have only worsened for him in the last year and a half. During his tenure in Detroit, Baez has slashed an underwhelming .237/.276/.378 with just 22 homers in 211 total games. More important than just not extending Baez was the fact that Hoyer pulled a fast one on the New York Mets front office and acquired Pete Crow-Armstrong, who currently still sits #1 in the Cubs organization, as well as #12 in all of baseball, according to MLB Pipeline.