6 genius decisions by Chicago Cubs GM Jed Hoyer since 2021

Chicago Cubs Introduce Dansby Swanson
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6 genius decisions by Jed Hoyer - Avoiding Carlos Rodon

A key name is this past winter's offseason; Carlos Rodon was targetted by many as one of the most proficient arms on the market. However, after two strong seasons in which Rodon looked to have put his injury history behind him, the Cubs still opted for caution by avoiding him instead of rolling the dice. Hoyer's decision to pass on Rodon paid dividends, as the veteran lefty has yet to throw an inning at the major league level in 2023.

Call in common sense to not lock up funds to a potential injury-prone player; call it advanced scouting on the part of Hoyer and GM Carter Hawkins; either way, the Cubs made the right move not committing six years and 162.0M to Rodon. Though they still lack a significant "ace on their roster" outside of the massive steps Marcus Stroman and Justin Steele have taken since the end of last season, they certainly dodged a bullet here. Now, they can explore acquiring their ace in free agency or via trade whenever the team is ready.