6 genius decisions by Chicago Cubs GM Jed Hoyer since 2021

Chicago Cubs Introduce Dansby Swanson
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Looking at the current state of the Cubs, the team's record of 35-38 only tells part of the story. They have been in several one-run games that they lost, at that record could just as easily be reversed to an above .500 mark. Although we're probably not watching a 90+ win team this season, the front office has made strides in accelerating the rebuild process. Going back two years ago, Jed Hoyer has made several moves for which he deserves a lot of credit. Let's dive right in and look at six genius deals by Jed Hoyer since 2021.

6 genius decisions by Jed Hoyer - Not extending Willson Contreras

Starting off, we land immediately on the Cubs not extending Willson Contreras last season. Although it stung that the Cubs didn't get anything for him at the deadline, after a last-second deal with the Houston Astros fell through, they still were awarded a compensatory 2nd round draft pick once Contreras declined the team's qualifying offer. Although many love Contreras, and rightfully so, he has been a trainwreck for the Cardinals in his first year within his new organization.

Contreras initially lost his catching duties and was limited to a DH role due to what many believe is an inability to call a good game behind the plate. Making matters worse, Contreras himself has recently come out and stated that he has lost his confidence. He is slashing just .201/.293/.355 with a wRC+ of 82, which puts him on pace for the worst season of his career by a landslide, especially considering he doesn't have a position that his team can depend on him playing well. He has since returned to catching duties, but the writing was on the wall with his game-calling back when we noticed the glaring differences in pitcher ERA's with Contreras behind the plate.