5 Trades that Would Make the Chicago Cubs Competitors in 2024

The Chicago Cubs have yet to pick a path ahead of the 2023 MLB Trade and if they sell, these trades coild make them contenders in 2024.
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Don't get me wrong. This would be a massive bummer to see play out, and I don't think Jed Hoyer wants this to happen because he may be the next one out the door if it does. That being said, by shipping these players out there are a myriad of benefits that we could see to help the team compete next season:

1. Bullpen Help

In these deals, the Cubs would be receiving four legitimate bullpen pieces that could be interesting and another with high-leverage stuff in the form of Forrest Whitley if the Cubs chose to go that direction like the Marlins did with AJ Puk this season.

2. Starting Pitching Depth

The Cubs already have Ben Brown, Hayden Wesneski and Jordan Wicks in AAA but adding guys like Chase Hampton and Ian Seymour gives them the ability to weather the storm of injuries that almost always come.

3. None of these guys are long-term

I'd love to think the Cubs were going to re-sign Bellinger and Stroman, but as a fan, I've come to realize that's not the Cubs MO. These guys are going to walk anyway, and getting players that can be contributors long-term would be fantastic.

4. Develop at the major league level

These trades allow the Cubs to operate with less on the line. They can call Jeremiah Estrada back up and put him in high-leverage spots. They can see if Daniel Palencia is a legitimate bullpen piece or if we should stretch him back out. They can give Jared Young and Matt Mervis some run at first base. They can let Christopher Morel try to learn third base at the major league level.

Again, I wouldn't celebrate if these deals were made. A lost season is profoundly frustrating when a team in this large of a market can't field a competitor, but that ship has sailed and these deals make it less likely to happen again next year.

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