5 Trades that Would Make the Chicago Cubs Competitors in 2024

The Chicago Cubs have yet to pick a path ahead of the 2023 MLB Trade and if they sell, these trades coild make them contenders in 2024.
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A few weeks ago, when the Chicago Cubs had won eight of their last ten, I wrote an article discussing ideas of players the Cubs should chase if they wanted to be buyers at the deadline. They've now lost seven of their last ten and we're back to selling, so here are five deals the Cubs could make that would help them compete next year. None of the players they'd be receiving in return would be surprising to see break spring training with the major league club. The days of getting 17 year old's in return should be behind us (for now), so let's fly the W next season even if it means we take a bunch of L's to finish this season.

This is not going to be an article that has the Cubs receiving top prospects in return for aging veterans on rental contracts (mostly). 

  1. Who are players the Cubs don’t view as part of their long-term plans? 
  2. Who are teams that could use the players the Cubs would be looking to deal with at the deadline?
  3. Who are players the Cubs might covet as pieces that can help them during their contention window, which they expected to open this year, on the teams that could match up as trade partners?

With that being said, here are five trades that the Cubs should be ecstatic to be offered at the trade deadline if they continue to play like one of the worst teams in baseball.