5 stud hitters that could transform the Chicago Cubs lineup

The Chicago Cubs need some serious power, and here are 5 guys that the team could pursue to get it. These scenarios are not likely to happen, but they sure are fun to ponder.
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2. 3B Rafael Devers

It wasn't long ago that Rafael Devers coming to the Cubs didn't look like a pipe dream. Unfortunately, the Boston Red Sox secured a 10-year extension worth $313 million with the slugging third baseman in January. But there's always a chance the Red Sox end up selling soon. They are somehow struggling to secure even a wild card spot even though they are five games above .500 right now. And because of the powerhouse AL East division, the Red Sox also sit in last place despite their respectable win/loss record.

So selling doesn't look like a fantasy considering the Red Sox's roster. Although their lineup is pretty decent, Boston has a big starting pitching problem. Chris Sale is always hurt, Corey Kluber is looking washed up and the young bucks of Tanner Houck and Garrett Whitlock have not been sharp. However, the Cubs getting their hands on Rafael Devers would be extremely difficult considering the value of his contract. At least several high-end prospects would be needed and I don't think it would even be worth it.

Devers in the Cubs lineup would be perfect though considering the glaring hole at third base and obvious need of power. They could also use a guy that has 20 home runs and 70 RBIs at the trade deadline, which are both near the top of the league. And at just 26-years-old, Devers' best years may even be ahead of him despite his already impressive career. Alas, I don't see the Cubs giving up Pete Crow-Armstrong, Cade Horton, and others to get this deal done, nor should they at this point.