5 relievers that improve the Chicago Cubs bullpen in 2024

Looking over the MLB free agent market and determining five relievers the Chicago Cubs should target to help pack a punch to his bullpen.

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5 relievers that can help the Cubs in 2024 - 1. Josh Hader

If the Cubs want to go big, they can bring in Josh Hader. With long-time ties to manager Craig Counsell, Hader is at an elite level in closing games and has been for a long time. The relationship with the manager is there, and the ability to slam the door and the much-needed southpaw in the bullpen are all checkmarks that the Cubs need to target this winter. Hader is the total package for Jed Hoyer, but he won't come cheap.

Hader will more than likely land a deal that sees him become the highest-paid reliever in the game. Of course, the Dodgers are reported to have a lot of interest as well, so how much Hoyer puts his foot on the gas in getting the best closer in baseball remains to be seen. Nevertheless, the Cubs have bigger fish to fry in terms of free agency, but when the time comes to add relief to the bullpen, Hader is someone who can get the job done and is a perfect fit in Chicago.

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