5 relievers that improve the Chicago Cubs bullpen in 2024

Looking over the MLB free agent market and determining five relievers the Chicago Cubs should target to help pack a punch to his bullpen.

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5 relievers that can help the Cubs in 2024 - 3. Matt Moore

Matt Moore was a target last winter, but the Cubs ultimately passed for Michael Fulmer. Moore had another fantastic season in 2023, posting a 2.56 ERA over 52.2 innings of work and 60 strikeouts. Moore's numbers and being a southpaw make him another great fit as the Cubs look to beef up their bullpen for next season.

As with Peralta, the Cubs need another stud lefty in the pen for the 2024 campaign. Getting Moore's production can be had and something the Cubs need to pounce on. Too many games were blown in 2023 due to the bullpens collapse or not having the right guy in at the right time. Adding Moore allows Craig Counsell multiple late-inning options when he needs to play lefty/righty matchups. Look for the Cubs to snag someone of this caliber this winter.