5 reasons the Chicago Cubs should be buyers no matter what

Taking a look at five reasons the Chicago Cubs should be buyers at this year's MLB trade deadline, regardless of what happens this week.
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5 reasons the Chicago Cubs should buy - 1. The cubs have a real closer again

Still waiting to get the love he deserves is Adbert Alzolay for the gaping hole he has single-handedly filled over the past. Since the beginning of June, Alzolay has impressed with a 2.87 ERA, but more importantly, has recorded seven saves for the Cubs in that time. He brings that electricity and passion to the mound, firing the crowd and making it harder for the batter. Aside from just Alzolay wreaking havoc in his new role, the Cubs will need a couple of key additions.

Quick trade deadline target notes:

As Brett Taylor of Bleacher Nation discussed, Targeting C.J. Cron is highly viable. Also, doubling up on the idea with the Colorado Rockies and targeting Daniel Bard (2.02 ERA, signed through 2024) could help give the Cubs a solid 1-2 punch in the back end of their bullpen. Bard's extra year of control also allows the Cubs to build towards 2024 and therefore is precisely the type of player the Cubs should go after.

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