5 Players who could play first base for the Chicago Cubs in 2024

The Chicago Cubs still need a full-time first baseman moving forward and there are plenty of options available via free agency, trades or in-house
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3. Patrick Wisdom

Despite the fact that Patrick Wisdom is not a strong defender at first base, the Cubs seemed comfortable playing him there on several occasions. It doesn't seem likely that the team will move on from Wisdom, much to my chagrin. The 32-year-old struck out 36.8% of the time this year, which is much higher than the 22.7% league average.

Wisdom also hit .205 with 23 home runs, 10 of which were in the month of April. The bottom line is that Wisdom is a very flawed hitter who should no longer be a starting player on this Cubs team. With his high strikeout percentage and low batting average, Wisdom's value comes only if he is starting every day since his home runs were few and far between this year.

I would like to see Wisdom packaged in a trade since he could still provide value to other teams as a backup third baseman or designated hitter.