5 mind blowing statistics from the Chicago Cubs' first month

Chicago Cubs v Miami Marlins
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5. The team is 2nd in the League in batting average

Despite the flaws of this team, which has mostly been the back of the rotation and the bullpen, the offense is miles beyond what is was last year. And no other stat truly showcases the transformed offense than the team's batting average of .276, which is tied for 2nd in the entire league behind only the 23-6 Tampa Bay Rays. The guys you see in the everyday lineup have simply been producing at a consistent level while there seems to be a focus on playing small ball and keeping the line moving. This has resulted in several convincing offensive outbursts, including six games in the month of April where the team scored 10 or more runs. For reference, the Cubs accomplished that feat 6 times during the entirety of the 2022 season.

Hopefully the best is yet to come, because while Bellinger, Hoerner and Happ have been rock-solid, Seiya Suzuki and Dansby Swanson have not shown their full capabilities, especially in home run department as each man has just 1 dinger each so far. The hottest hitters in the system are also not even on the active roster, as Christopher Morel and Matt Mervis are currently lighting Triple A on fire for the Iowa Cubs with the former leading the International League with 11 home runs and the latter continuing his herculean performance from last year. Morel and Mervis will find their way to the Major League roster at some point this season, hopefully giving the team even more of a dangerous offensive presence.

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