5 mind blowing statistics from the Chicago Cubs' first month

Chicago Cubs v Miami Marlins
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3. Patrick Wisdom's 10 home runs

Cubs third baseman Patrick Wisdom is flashing the power this year with 10 home runs already swatted after just a month. This is one of the best starts by a Cub ever in terms of home runs, as Sammy Sosa only had 6 through his first 26 games in his record setting 1998 season where he smacked 66 dingers during the regular season.

If Wisdom keeps this 10 home runs per month pace, he will have over 60 long-balls by the end of September which is just insane. From a league standpoint, Wisdom is tied for 2nd along with Pete Alonso and Rafael Devers with Max Muncy leading the pack with 11 homers. With a general lack of power in the Cubs' lineup, Wisdom's slugging ability is not only cool for the record books, but much needed as only him, Bellinger and Gomes have more than 5 home runs on the year. Hopefully he can stay healthy and continue this impressive tear.