5 internal options that could prevent a Cubs' prospect overpay at the trade deadline

The Chicago Cubs have the prospect currency to make a splash at the trade deadline, but they could just as easily solve their problems through promotions.
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A speed/defense option for the late innings in the outfield

Pete Crow Armstrong OF Tennessee Cubs

Every team needs a bench bat that can provide defense, utility, and a good at-bat in pinch-hitting situations if they’re going to make a run. The Cubs are no different, but rather than going after someone that comes with the cost of a prospect or bloated payroll, they could get it internally and see what they have from one of the top prospects in all of baseball.

Cubs'This is similar in nature to the Ben Brown call-up in that it could absolutely detrimentally impact the progression of one of the Cubs top prospects. Rather than getting every day at-bats in AAA Iowa (or for some inexplicable reason at-bats in AA Tennessee), PCA would find himself in a limited role in Chicago. 

That being said, imagine the following situation: The Cubs have a small lead in the 7th inning. They’ve started Cody Bellinger in center field and Trey Mancini at first base. Mancini has just hit a single and finds himself at first base with two outs. The Cubs now have the ability to replace Mancini’s below-average defense and well below-average baserunning with Pete Crow-Armstrong who is above average at both. Now the outfield makeup includes Ian Happ in left, PCA in center, and Seiya in right while the infield is solid gold with Bellinger at first base. That’s how winning teams close out a game. 

You don’t need to know his stats, but Crow-Armstrong has a slash line of .289/.371/.527 with 14 homers, 27 stolen bases, and Gold Glove-caliber defense in center field. The bat would likely lag behind a bit, but in a situation where he’s on the short side of a platoon and a defensive/baserunning replacement, he would be one of the best bench bats in baseball.

There isn’t a player with this profile that is available on the trade market.