5 internal options that could prevent a Cubs' prospect overpay at the trade deadline

The Chicago Cubs have the prospect currency to make a splash at the trade deadline, but they could just as easily solve their problems through promotions.
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A hard-throwing potential late-inning lefty out of the bullpen

Luke Little LHP Tennessee Smokies

The Cubs have two guys that fit this mold, but unfortunately for them, Brailyn Marquez has struggled mightily with walks in his last two outings which is what derailed his career to begin with. While he had a 0.00 ERA across his first nine appearances this season, I’d hesitate to say that Marquez would solve any more problems than he would cause and therefore Luke Little is the most likely lefty to get the call to Wrigley.

In the month of July, he pitched 12.2 innings and allowed just a .167 BAA while striking out 24. The Cubs have a tremendous defense with a team full of gold glovers, but when you get to August, September (and hopefully October) you need pitchers coming out of the pen that take the defensive component out of the game. You need a pitcher that can come in, face the heart of the lineup, and not allow them to put a ball in play because they’re blowing them away with strikeout stuff.

Luke Little is that guy. He’s physically imposing at 6’8 220 pounds and he’s got the stuff to back it up. His July has been great, but so has his year as a whole. He’s struck out 81 batters in 51 innings while maintaining a 2.29 ERA. 

Of the five guys that made this list, Little is the player that I think could have the most immediate impact and provide a high-leverage lefty that the team hasn’t had since Aroldis Chapman. 

The closest player to this profile that the Cubs could have acquired would have been Aroldis Chapman who came with a price tag of the Rangers' 12th-best prospect according to MLB.com as well as a 17-year-old lottery ticket.