5 internal options that could prevent a Cubs' prospect overpay at the trade deadline

The Chicago Cubs have the prospect currency to make a splash at the trade deadline, but they could just as easily solve their problems through promotions.
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The Chicago Cubs have looked like a much better team since mid-June than they looked like for the month of May. This team is a legitimate playoff team with a couple of additions, and those additions could come from outside of the organization, or they could come from within.

Some pieces that our writers have discussed in the past have already been moved. CJ Cron and Randal Grichuk are off of the market now that they find themselves with the Angels. The lofty price for pitching may have scared the Cubs away from looking at players like Alex Lange and Eduardo Rodriguez from the Tigers.

The team needs several things:

  1. A power-hitting left-handed bat that can play a corner infield position
  2. A hard-throwing potential late-inning lefty out of the bullpen
  3. A hard-throwing potential late-inning righty out of the bullpen
  4. A speed/defense option for the late innings in the outfield
  5. A swing-man that can be used as a 6th starter where necessary and a long-relief option 

That being said, this team has plenty of internal options to improve their roster and continue their push toward the playoffs. Here are a few players that the Chicago Cubs can call up and have an instant impact while costing the team nothing.