5 important things we learned about the Cubs in April

Chicago Cubs v Miami Marlins
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5 important things we learned about the Cubs: #3 - Veteran catcher Yan Gomes has a little something left in the tank after all

Raise your hand if you had Yan Gomes healthily outperforming Willson Contreras after one month. For the first time in more than a century, the Cardinals enter May 10+ games out of first in their division and Contreras' slow start to this point has been well-documented.

The three-time All-Star, in the first year of his deal with St. Louis to replace franchise icon Yadier Molina, is doing his usual damage at the plate, but the Cardinals' pitching staff has been horrendous, with the rotation carrying an ERA near 5.00 through the first month.

Meanwhile, Gomes has been otherworldly - and has rewarded the front office for its faith in his abilities. Throughout the organization, folks have been praising him endlessly, not just for his hot start, but for what he brings to the clubhouse on a daily basis and it's clear he's emerged as a key piece of the dynamic this team's building.

Will he sustain a 129 OPS+ for the entire year? Probably not. But Gomes has been a key contributor and arguably the most positive surprise early on this year.