5 Cubs players who won't survive the trade deadline

The Chicago Cubs need a miracle to avoid selling for a third straight year - and there could be some big names traded ahead of the Aug. 1 trade deadline.
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5 Cubs who won't survive the trade deadline - #1: Mark Leiter Jr.

Mark Leiter Jr. is a nice story. Makes you feel good about the world. Comes from a baseball family and a former 22nd-rounder, the right-hander got his first crack at the big leagues since 2018 in 2022 with the Cubs and he hasn't squandered the opportunity.

Since the start of the 2022 campaign, Leiter Jr. has amassed 103 1/3 innings of work, pitching to a 3.84 ERA and nearly identical 3.88 FIP, with 126 strikeouts to just 37 walks. He's been one of the bright spots in the Cubs bullpen all season long, really standing alone early in the year out there when it was going to pieces but, at 32 years old, Chicago would be smart to sell high.


Now this list is by no means all-encompassing. Hoyer could get drastic, trading the last man standing from 2016 in Kyle Hendricks - or even moving off one of his veteran catchers to give Amaya more innings in the second half. Drew Smyly is a prime trade candidate, too. Long story short: if the Cubs are selling, there's the potential for major roster turnover for the third straight summer.