5 Craig Counsell quotes that will have Cubs fans ready to run through a wall

Hungry and ready to win, the new Cubs skipper is ready to make his mark on the North Side.

Chicago Cubs Introduce Craig Counsell as Manager
Chicago Cubs Introduce Craig Counsell as Manager / Matt Dirksen/GettyImages
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On Monday, the Craig Counsell era officially began in Wrigleyville, as he was introduced as the 56th manager in franchise history in a press conference. As the offseason starts picking up steam, Chicago figures to be in the mix for a number of the top free agents and the trade market could be a major factor, as well.

But when you're paying a manager an amount the game has never seen before, at least on an annual basis, first impressions probably get a little more attention than they otherwise would. It was all eyes on Counsell Monday - and he didn't disappoint.

Craig Counsell is ready to win - and deliver on fans' new expectations

"You walk into Wrigley today, the first day as a Cub and it already starts to mean something. You walk into the history. You walk into the energy. You walk into a place that you already know it demands your best."

Craig Counsell

The expectation, especially with the long-needed renovation of the iconic ballpark and all its facilities, not to mention the new complex in Arizona and the redevelopment of the Wrigleyville neighborhood, frankly, should be winning - period. Yes, the team improved on its 2022 record this year, but winning 83 games and missing the postseason cannot be considered a success for a major market team like the Cubs.

Counsell understands the task at hand: win. It's that simple. Expectations have changed a great deal in the last 7 years - and he is embracing both the end goal and the challenge right out of the gates.