5 Chicago Cubs Prospects who could get traded this season

The Chicago Cubs have managed to crack open a contention window that doesn't appear set to close for some time, but these players may not get to see the organization's final form.
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Brennen Davis

OF Triple-A Iowa

Brennen Davis and Alexander Canario are the same age, but they’re thought of in completely different ways by Cubs fans.

Canario is still only 24 and could potentially contribute to the Major League club as early as this season. Davis is already 24, and the ship seems to have sailed on his ability to help the Cubs at Wrigley.

That’s the way prospect fatigue works. Davis was considered a unanimous top-100 prospect prior to the 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023 seasons. He was the 2021 Futures Game MVP. 

However, terrible injury luck has derailed his progress and despite cutting down the strikeouts (24) this season and increasing his walks (18), he’s still not seen as a legitimate candidate to help this team moving forward.

The Cubs should look to do the same thing for Davis that we advocated for Mervis and that is to give him a change of scenery. There’s not a chance that the Cubs will receive value equivalent to Davis’ upside, but as we’ve seen over the last several seasons, there’s a greater than zero-percent chance that he never reaches that upside and now is the time to cash in on whatever value remains.