5 Chicago Cubs Prospects who could get traded this season

The Chicago Cubs have managed to crack open a contention window that doesn't appear set to close for some time, but these players may not get to see the organization's final form.
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Kevin Alcantara

OF Double-A Tennessee

Kevin Alcantara is going to be the name that hurts the most to put on this list because he is the only player on the list that could become a legitimate five-tool superstar for another team.

Last year, across three different levels he hit .284/.345/.466 with 15 homers and 14 stolen bases in 102 games. This season, he struggled to adjust to Double-A pitching a bit to start the season as he didn’t get his first hit until the 8th game of the season, but since then, he’s turned it around and is batting .241/.287/.380.

Those numbers don’t look exceptional but when you consider that he went 0-for-28 to start the season they look a little better. That’s the kind of player he is. He’s experienced adversity early and often in his career and he’s always been able to battle back from it and that’s a characteristic that GM’s will look for at the trade deadline. 

Players like Jackson Holliday are incredible and they dominate at every level, but then they get to the Majors and don’t know how to handle it when they struggle. From all reports on Alcantara that’s not the case. He is the exact same guy if he’s hit two homers in a game as he is if he’s in the middle of a slump.

Alcantara is the kind of player that any team trading away a player at the deadline would want to trade for. He’s enough of a project that you could reasonably stash him away for all of 2025 in the minors if your team was so inclined to keep their contention window closed, but for aggressive teams looking for a five-tool outfielder to start Opening day in either corner, he would make sense there as well.