5 Chicago Cubs Prospects who could get traded this season

The Chicago Cubs have managed to crack open a contention window that doesn't appear set to close for some time, but these players may not get to see the organization's final form.
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James Triantos

2B Double-A Tennessee

James Triantos is probably the least likely player to be traded from this list because the organization has already invested so much in him with the overslot contract they gave him in his draft year. 

Prior to this season, Triantos was a contact-oriented second baseman. This season, Triantos has been much less of a one-trick pony and has a slugging percentage almost a hundred points higher than the one that he had last season or the season before and he’s just one homer shy of the four that he hit in 2023 in 50 fewer games.

If Triantos can keep up his .305/.341/.483 slash-line and continue to develop some additional power then he becomes a very valuable potential asset for the future. 

However, when you consider that the Cubs have Nico Hoerner and Dansby Swanson locked up long term and have players like Matt Shaw, Jefferson Rojas, the Hernandez brothers, and Fernando Cruz available as higher upside prospects in the system. 

If the Cubs were to trade with a team that wants to begin the process of opening their contention window as early as next season then Triantos could be an ideal trade chip to include as he could easily be a Major League contributor as early as Opening Day 2025.