5 Chicago Cubs players you definitely forgot about

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Baseball is a sport where there is always somebody in the minor leagues ready to fill a roster spot, which results in a lot of new faces going in and out of dugouts over the course of a season. It's pretty rare nowadays to have the same roster for multiple years in a row, meaning guys are shuffled in and out, or traded all the time. While the Chicago Cubs had the same core of players for several years up until 2021, there were always random guys that popped up around them. Some of them were relief pitchers on one-year deals, and some were just guys who came out of nowhere to pounce on their major-league opportunity. In any case, here are five guys you probably forgot played for the Chicago Cubs.

5 Chicago Cubs players you definitely forgot about - Mark Zagunis

The Cubs selected Mark Zagunis in the third round of the 2014 draft out of Virginia Tech, where he played as a catcher. Eventually, he made the full transition into an outfielder during his time in the Cubs minor league system, and he was called up to the majors for the first time in 2017. He made sporadic appearances for the next two seasons until he made the opening-day roster in 2019.

Zagunis showed promising signs at times in his career, being a finalist for the Johnny Bench Award in college and hitting 13 bombs in Iowa in 2017. However, his production at the major league level was never up to par: career slash line of .200/.313/.586. After being released by the Cubs in 2020, Zagunis signed with the Lancaster Barnstormers in March of 2022, where he won the Atlantic League Championship with them.