5 Chicago Cubs players with the most All-Star game selections

The Chicago Cubs have had some very talented players grace the Friendly Confines over the years, and here are 5 guys who received the most All-Star game selections as a Cub.
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Sammy Sosa: 7 selections

While most of these selections were at least partially fueled by steroids and corked bats, Sammy Sosa was indeed named to seven All-Star games mostly for the sheer amount of home runs the guy hit. Love them or hate them, Sosa and Mark McGuire were at the center of a prominent point in MLB history that brought national attention to the game. With attendance levels plummeting after the 1994 strike, Sosa and McGuire's efforts very well could have saved baseball from becoming an afterthought.

1998 was arguably the most famous or infamous year for Sosa when smacked a career-high 66 home runs. He won the National League MVP Award, the Roberto Clemente Award and led the National League in RBIs that year. He was named to the All-Star team but did not play that year