5 Chicago Cubs players the fanbase is losing patience with during the first half

Cincinnati Reds v Chicago Cubs
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5. Matt Mervis

After mashing his way to the big leagues and effectively earning Eric Hosmer's spot on the roster, first baseman Matt Mervis has unfortunately been just as bad as Hosmer was at the plate. He is striking out at a 33.3% clip, owns a wRC+ of 46 and his slash line is .165/.237/.294. Mervis also has just 3 big league home runs and 10 RBIs this year. The silver lining is that Mervis seems more than capable of playing good defense at first base. But he will need to make major adjustments at the plate in order to carve out his big-league career though. For his sake, it would be wise to make these adjustments sooner rather than later.

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