5 Chicago Cubs players the fanbase is losing patience with during the first half

Cincinnati Reds v Chicago Cubs
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To say the 2023 season has not gone well for the Chicago Cubs is a massive understatement. It's not like anyone thought that the team would be running away with the NL Central at this point, but being 9 games below .500 wasn't really on anybody's radar either. We're almost at the halfway point and if the Cubs don't make a convincing push soon, another selloff at the August 1st trade deadline seems imminent. There have been plenty of players underperforming but here is the recent batch of guys that the fanbase is starting to lose patience with.

1. Trey Mancini

Brought in to split time at first base and designated hitter last offseason, Trey Mancini was supposed to bring some power to a lineup that desperately needs it. But Mancini has struggled to provide much value in that department, with just 4 home runs and 7 doubles on the year. He has a wRC+ of 78, which is 22 points below the league average, and a -0.7 WAR. With the departure of Eric Hosmer and the rookie struggles of Matt Mervis, Mancini is the only logical choice to play at first base regularly and he is not doing well with that assignment.

Not only is he having a power drought but Mancini's general production at the plate has been ugly. His slash line currently sits at .236/.302/.345 and he is striking out 28% of the time which is near the bottom of the league. If the Cubs want to turn things around, Mancini returning to a version of himself that resembles his years in Baltimore would be a much-welcome occurrence.