5 Chicago Cubs players that helped their case during Spring Training

Chicago Cubs v Cincinnati Reds
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5 Chicago Cubs that helped their case - 2. Miles Mastrobuoni

After the Cubs traded for Miles Mastrobuoni from the Tampa Bay Rays, I initially thought his game resembled Zach McKinstry's. Someone that has always had success in the minors but was never given a real chance to perform in the majors because of a deep farm system and star-studded talent at the top. Until I dug deeper. That appearance was quickly diminished after Mastrobuoni's strong Spring Training earned him an Opening Day roster spot.

Mastrobuoni will most likely be given primarily a bench role, with the opportunity to fill in for guys that need a day off, as he has a lot of positional versatility. Nevertheless, it's good to see the front office scouting talent that comes over to Chicago and impresses so much that they're given the nod on the major league roster right from the start. He was a career .295/.375/.445 in Triple-A throughout 697 at-bats. If he can produce anywhere near that level in the MLB, players like him will make the Cubs better than they currently project on paper.