5 Chicago Cubs players facing uncertain futures after 2023

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Miles Mastrobuoni
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5 uncertain futures - 3. Miles Mastrobuoni

Traded by Tampa Bay and acquired by the Cubs, Miles Mastrobuoni is an intriguing hitter who has yet to be granted the time at the major league level to figure it out. Like McKinstry before him, he can cover multiple positions and has always had success in the minors. For his career, his minor league slash is .286/.367/.395, but those numbers increase when you factor in Triple-A only with a mark of .295/.375/.445. 2022 was his best year at the plate, going .300/.377/.469, while adding in some pop in the form of 16 HRs and 64 RBIs.

The role in Tampa was just not there, as Wander Franco and Brandon Lowe lock up SS and 2B. Unfortunately, he will run into the same problem in Chicago with the recent addition of Dansby Swanson, which moves Nico Hoerner to 2B, blocking Mastrobuoni even further. On top of that, Jed Hoyer and David Ross will want to give McKinstry ABs where applicable, so where there is upside for Mastrobuoni, he has quickly found himself hitting the same wall as he did in Tampa.