5 Chicago Cubs likely to throw the franchise's first perfect game

Seattle Mariners v Chicago Cubs
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5 Chicago Cubs likely to throw the franchise's first perfect game - Marcus Stroman

The flashy, well-paid righty is atop the Cubs' rotation. Marcus Stroman doesn't compile a lot of wins in the course of a season, however, he is eight strikeouts shy of eclipsing the 1,000 mark for his career. Injuries have halted his potential but every time Stroman has fallen, he has dusted himself off and taken the mound. According to Baseball Reference, Stroman is expected to earn just seven wins with an earned-run average of 3.43. In eight full seasons, he has averaged just over eight wins per 162 games. Stroman rarely throws a four-seam fastball, relying more heavily on a sinker and slider. The only all-star mentioned on this list, Stroman's career-high for strikeouts in a game is nine. As mentioned, there have been less notable pitchers to toss illustrious games. On the contrary, plenty of household names have reached such a feat. Kenny Rogers, David Wells, and David Cone are all mid-level pitchers who threw perfect games. Stroman is well past the climax of his career. Nonetheless, he has enough left in the tank to live up to his contract and perhaps be the 24th pitcher to accomplish a perfect game.