5 Chicago Cubs likely to throw the franchise's first perfect game

Seattle Mariners v Chicago Cubs
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5 Chicago Cubs likely to throw the franchise's first perfect game - Drew Smyly

Drew Smyly may fit the bill better than any other pitcher provided on this list. The 33-year-old vagabond has bounced around throughout his major league career. The only notable accolade to his name is a World Series title with the Atlanta Braves two seasons ago. There have been plenty of random pitchers to break through and perform in an oddly, dominating fashion. Once again, refer to Humber, Braden, and even Len Barker. Humber was 29 when he took the mound at Safeco Field during a Saturday afternoon matchup with the Seattle Mariners. Braden pitched only four seasons at the major league level. Any field, at any start time. Taking the mound for the first pitch is the only prerequisite to a perfect game. Oh yeah, you also have to retire 27-straight batters. Smyly is at the point of his career where he is good enough to stay in the starting rotation but is likely to go the entirety of his career without making an all-star game. Doesn't matter, Braden and Humber didn't make the Midsummer Classic roster either. His arm strength has significantly decreased yet still maintains solid moving pitches in his repertoire.